Friday, March 13, 2015

Today is Digital Learning Day, and 
I'm team teaching with my husband in his

6th grade science classes today.  The students are using a free iBook called Earthquake, you can find it here in the iTunes U.  The student response was pretty awesome... they loved being able to tour the book on their own, using the multiple types of media in a 1:1 environment.  Each student was asked to create a Popplet to share their thoughts, ideas, and questions.  Due to time constraints and class changes, I'll be taking care of getting the Popplets off of all the devices and shared with Mr. Wolfhope so that he can share the collective thoughts of his students with everyone.  Job well done 6th graders!!
Scan the QR code to see the popplet creations the kids came up with in class today!

Digital Learning Day is celebrated today, but in reality it should be everyday.  I know we're working on it, and the kids are ready for it! 

Check out the video!

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