Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#ncsnowchat Yea, that happened!

Last Friday winter storm Jonas paid a visit to a good part of North Carolina, and school cancelations spanned across numerous districts. The first ever #ncsnowchat was being tweeted about on Friday morning as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, and I was stoked to join in, cause let's be honest 8pm for #nced chat is way too late for this mom of two. Ha! 

Friday's topic was "Things I Wish I had Learned" and the questions were phenomenal, and the conversations even better! I saw this tweet from Lucas Gillispie and knew early on that it would be a simple task:

Educators that spend part of their day off to make new connections and continue learning are my people!  The chat moved at a blinding pace, and before long we were a trending topic! That's pretty awesome!  It's a powerful thing when one can connect with so many motivated individuals that are working hard to do the best for students.  The topic made me think about just how lucky new teachers are to have Twitter available to them.

Monday's #ncsnowchat discussed "Trust in Schools" and we all shared how we earn it, maintain it, and gain it back after it's lost.  So many of us shared that we know that the personal relationship we establish and nurture with our students is the most important aspect of our classroom.  That trust and relationship is what enables us to help our students connect with the curriculum. Again, all of us participating in this conversation across the state, by choice, and on a snow day! 

We had #ncsnowchat number three today, discussing "How to better achieve your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals (BHAGS)" I semi participated in this chat, as I actually did go in to work today.  But the content was great!  @lisahervey hosted this chat for us and had us share our BHAG's, what's holding us back, and shared a framework for what we'll need in order to achieve them!  Super powerful!  I emailed the staff at my school to come to the media center for some hand-holding to participate in a Twitter chat, and while I didn't get any bites, maybe I'll make that my BHAG to reach for.  

Twitter has been the most powerful catalyst for change in my educational career.  I've discovered and implemented numerous ideas that I've learned about from Twitter in addition to learning from many educators all over the world.  I'm excited to continue to learn from my PLN, and share with others the power of Twitter.  The best impromptu PD out there.  So thanks to the hosts, and I look forward to the next state-wide winter storm.  Until then I'll try to stay up for #nced as well as others. 

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