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Strugging with the "not enoughs"

This week a teammate of mine and I were talking about how brutal the week, the month, the school year have been.  She said something to the tune of "You never look stressed, how do you do it?"  I didn't know how to respond.  In my head I played a movie reel of the thoughts of "not enough" I'm struggling with. 

I am not making enough milk for my four month old... My house is not clean enough...  My FitBit keeps telling me I don't have enough steps...  My PD session is not engaging enough...  I'm not prepared enough for my presentation...  I don't have enough finished at the end of the day.... I'm not getting enough sleep...  I didn't answer enough email.... I'm not kind enough...  I'm not patient enough.... I don't have enough time...  I'm  not enough.

These thoughts are killer!  They have made this week harder than it had to be. They have killed my inner cheerleader, and created a really grumpy mom, wife, and ITF.  The thin…