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Upgrade your phone and upgrade a classroom.

The students in Mrs. Moody's third grade class are working in a 1:1 environment, but it's not like other classrooms you may have seen.  The students in her class are using iPhones that have been deactivated from a cellular service provider.  These phones range from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5c, and have been collected over the past three to four years. Mrs. Moody, fellow teachers, and even the BCPS Technology Department have contributed their older model iPhones after upgrades. The students had been using iPhones in the classroom for several years, but now each student now has their own device to work with in the classroom.  While the iPhone may have its limitations, it also has its benefits. The students can essentially have the world in their pockets, and they are using them to the fullest extent.  Check out just a few things the students have been doing:

Taking picturesAccessing Google Drive, Docs, and ClassroomUsing QR Code Readers for scavenger huntsUsing sites like Kahoot and Qu…