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Blessings and Insomnia

It's 3:24 am and I have been wide awake for a least an hour. It was the coughing that woke me. Not mine but that of my seven year-old. He was diagnosed with influenza A this morning. His three year-old brother was diagnosed with influenza B and is sleeping fitfully next to my husband. Friday, today, will be day five of me staying home with sick kiddos. Two different strains of flu sick kiddos. Super irritable, not so sick that they can't annoy one another, sick kiddos. Super hungry, and attention craving sick kiddos. And in moments, it seems overwhelming, like too much at once.  I have not yet succumbed completely to the stress and exhaustion, and it's because of unyielding grace, understanding, and compassion from both my family and those surrounding my family. 

Tuesday night, I went with a bunch of girlfriends to dinner and a movie, and that Brandy wouldn't take "no" for an answer. She knew! Self-care is important, and she made sure I took care of myself.

On Wednesday, I attempted to work. Ha. I attended our team staff meeting, prepped 4 BreakoutEDU games, and played with a WePresent tool with a colleague. I got a message that Lucas needed to be picked up around lunchtime, and when I called the principal to cancel my appearance at the faculty meeting I was supposed to help facilitate that afternoon... I was met with grace and understanding. What a blessing. Relief washed over me, and boy was I grateful.

On Wednesday evening, I can say that I actually got to see my husband. I know we see each other every day, we parent together, and survive the weekday hustle each and everyday. But one outcome of both of our boys being ill, is an early bedtime for them. One night this week, we enjoyed a meal together, at the table! I cooked, he cleared and did the dishes. We enjoyed one another's company, and he made me laugh... the exhaustion probably helped with the goofiness, but it was an evening of laughter and smiles, and boy was it nice... thank you flu.

Today we had a meeting to discuss and academic plan for Lucas. Jeff had arranged to leave school a bit early so that we both could attend. Enter the flu... So, he rushed home this afternoon, tagged me out, so I could run to school for the meeting. We FaceTimed Jeff in so he could still attend while caring for the boys. We discussed Lucas and some options for him moving forward. His reading level, is well, crazy. His independent reading level is that of a beginning third-grader, based on the assessment given. His comprehension level is even higher...sheesh. So his teachers laid out their plan, and boy are we grateful. It's more work, for several people, all to challenge and grow our son. Teachers are amazing.

We don't have family members in North Carolina, but we do have amazing friends. My sweet co-workers have reached out with words of love and encouragement. My boss is more than understanding when it comes to time off. That, right there, is a huge blessing. Words of support have been received far and wide, and they are appreciated.

The flu. It's no fun. But, the blessings. They're big.


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